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Window Roller Blind Fly Screen - Kit 1 White

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Window Roller Blind Fly Screen - Kit 1 White - 80cm wide x 100cm high for REVEAL fixing only. See below for our insect screens for REVEAL and FACE fixing.

This DIY fit pull down, roll up flyscreen is suitable to fit outward or inward opening windows.

This is an attractive but effective insect screen that will keep out and prevent entry of flies, moths, mosquitoes, wasps and other problem flying insects.

Comprises of:

* Cassette box that fits to the top of your window

* 2 x side channels that fit to the window reveal

* Fly screen mesh that rolls up neatly into the cassette box when not in use

The 2 x side channels of this Window Roller Blind Fly Screen are fitted to the window reveal. The flyscreen mesh is pulled down along these side channels with an aluminium pull bar with a tilt and turn action which then locks the bug screen into place.

It is best to buy one of these insect screens that is larger than your window measurements and then cut it down to size for a snug fit.

Easy to cut, you simply cut through the whole cassette and rolled up fly mesh with a hacksaw!

Full fitting instructions included.

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